At Monster Talents, we adopt a proven rigorous search process for each assignment. We aim to continuously perfect our service for both client and candidate all the time.

Project Approval
  • Confirmation to proceed with the assignment
  • Agree on project plan and timing
  • Request approval in disclosing client’s name to candidates during initial discussions
Planning & Preparation
  • Collate information and produce the Client Brief document including a business overview, job and personal specifications, etc
  • Agree on the target search companies
  • Identify and approach potential candidates from search or selection
  • Screen resume to evaluate suitability and ascertain interest to proceed further
  • Conduct structured candidate interviews
  • Conduct psychometric tests if required
  • Feedback on outcome of interviews to client
Shortlist Presentation
  • Ensure candidates match client’s job and personal requirements
  • Obtain candidates’ commitment to proceed further
  • Present and agree on “Shortlist Confirm” timetable for the first round interview to client
Client Interview Process
  • Brief client and shortlisted candidates prior to interview
  • Liaise with shortlisted candidates throughout the interview process, managing expectations as required
  • Obtain prompt feedback from client
Candidates Review & Feedback
  • Obtain feedback from candidate and client on interview performance
  • Position successful candidates for next steps
  • Conduct reference checking as required
  • Provide feedback to unsuccessful candidates, both positive and negative
Offer & Acceptance
  • Maintain liaison between client and candidates
  • Forward results of reference checking and other essential information to client
  • Assist client in making the offer and candidates in acceptance
  • Keep other short listed candidates warm
  • Obtain performance feedback from client

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